St. John's Auxiliary


The purpose of St. John’s Auxiliary is to promote and advance the welfare of St. John’s Medical Center.  This is accomplished by educating  members so they may serve as ambassadors for the Medical Center in the community, and through fundraising activities and service to the hospital and its patients. 


Our Current Campaign

Our current campaign supports high-dose rate brachytherapy at St. John’s Medical Center. Brachytherapy treats prostate, breast, skin, and gynecological malignancies.  We will fund the microSelectron afterloader, a necessary piece of equipment for this specialized form of radiation therapy. The process involves temporarily placing a sealed radioactive source inside a catheter for a specific amount of time. It is tightly regulated by the afterloader, a computer controlled machine attached to the catheter. This treatment provides cancer patients with curative therapy with fewer side effects and a shorter recovery period.

We are pleased to support the hospital’s expanding, local cancer program, an affiliate of the renowned Huntsman Cancer Institute.

To donate to the Auxiliary’s brachytherapy campaign, please click here!

About St. John’s Auxiliary

We are a group of volunteers committed to the Medical Center’s mission.  As hospital ambassadors, we raise funds for hospital initiatives and host educational programs. We have momentum and it is exciting.

Our members make a huge, positive impact in our community!

To learn more about the Auxiliary contact Mary Katherine King at

Major Contributions

2018 — St. John’s Medical Center Oncology and Huntsman Cancer Institute Affiliation
2016 — 3D Digital Mammography
2014-2015 — Activity Bus for The Living Center
2012-2013 — Surgical Suite Integration
2010-2011 — Patient Medication Pumps
2009 — Digital Mammography
2006-2008 — Essential Life-Saving Equipment
2003-2005 — Capital Campaign

Connie Hansen, St John's Living Center activity bus. CREDIT: David J Swift.

"Joining the Auxiliary is a fun and rewarding way to collaborate with many amazing members of our community. All are welcome!"

Sue Critzer, Past Auxiliary President

Upcoming Events:


Upcoming Luncheon Speaker:
12:00PM RSVP: Email



We have an evening social event.  These typically fall on the first Thursday of March, June, September and December.


Spring Fling Gala: Public is invited!  Tickets sell out!
Charity Golf Tournament: Public is invited! Teams sell out!


To join St. John’s Auxiliary click here!

Members receive:

Free access to the hospital gym
Free flu shots and blood screening
An invitation to the annual SJMC holiday party (Dinner & Dancing)

Active Member

Members attend monthly meetings, actively serve on committees, and assist with fundraisers. Annual dues start at $25.


Social Member

Members provide valuable support, are welcome to attend luncheons and socials, and are invited to participate in fundraisers. Annual dues start at $50.


Patron Member

Members support the mission of the Auxiliary and are invited to participate and be engaged as much as they would like. Annual dues start at $250.


St. John’s Hospital Foundation Auxiliary Golf Tournament at Shooting Star

Leadership and Members


Connie Hansen, President
Cindy Winslow, Vice President
Sue Bybee, Treasurer
Betty Zernik, Secretary
Sue Critzer, Past President

Nancy Adams
Amrita Banerjee
Sandra Audyova-Keatley
Judy Basye
Laurie Bay
Donna Beaupré
Jaclyn Braddy
Emily Bristle
Lonnie Brown
Sue Bybee
Doris Budge
Barbara Butterfield
Kerry Carr
Donna Clark
Kelly Clark
Rob Clark
Donna Coles
Marcia Craighead
Linda Criswell
Sue Critzer
Lisa Delaney
Susan Dong
Addie Donnan

Petria Fossel
Laurie Friedeman
Valerie Goettler
Sarah Graham
Elizabeth Hale
Connie Hansen
Diana Hanson
Stephanie Harper
Kimberly Hetrick
Margaret Hochheiser
Shay James
Diana Joy
Becky Kimmel
Kathy Kjellgren
Patty Krause
Michelle Kren
Maralyn Larson
Mary Ann Lawroski
Carolyn Lewis
Mary Lohuis
Patti Ludwig

Julie Matzke
Lee Naylon
Joan Palmer
Mary Ponce
Holly Richert
Susan Riesch
Linda Rode
Peter Rosenberg
Vicki Rosenberg
Lisa Rullman
Sue Salzmann
Amy Wilson Scott
Linda Scott
Regina Schultz
Janine Bay Teske
Joni Upsher
Jean Webber
Robin Whitesides
Nancy Wilbrecht
Mary Willis
Cindy Winslow
Janet Wood
Betty Zernik

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