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Men’s Health Fund


St. John’s Hospital Foundation is launching a Men’s Health Fund!

This fund is designed to provide support to men in our community who:

  • Are in need of preventative health services but cannot afford them
  • Need support for travel to medical treatments
  • Are in active treatment and need financial support for items like childcare, groceries, or medicine.

Supported requests will include prostrate and other screenings, annual wellness checkups, travel expenses for medical care, medication, vasectomies and other areas of men’s health care.

To apply, please download the Men’s Health Fund application here.

Mustaches for Men’s Health!

Throughout the month of November, a friendly competition is taking place with employees from the St. John’s Medical Center, Teton County Sheriff’s Department, Town of Jackson, Teton County School District, Teton Science School, and the Jackson Hole Community. Participants join one of these teams and set fundraising goals in support of the Men’s Health Fund. Each participant agrees not to shave during the month of November! At our culminating event on December 2nd, awards will be given out for the best mustaches and most funds raised.

 To join a team or donate to the cause click here!


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