A New Home for a New Age

The Campaign for a NEW Living Center

What does a new Living Center mean for the community?

The Living Center prides itself on offering the highest levels of quality care and service. The team has been providing our community’s seniors, rehab patients, and their families high quality care for years. After nearly 30 years, the Living Center’s relationship-based, resident-centered mission and vision have outgrown the current space. It is time to give some of our most respected and revered community members a full overhaul of their living space.

To support a resident-centered approach, in line with current best practices, the facility will be upgraded to a household model which will provide:

  • Memory Care
  • Dedicated Short-term Stay (Rehabilitation)
  • Private Rooms/Baths
  • Community Spaces
  • Room For Growth

The new Living Center will nurture a familial experience and welcome friends and family. Resident-centered, relationship-based care is already at the core of the Living Center’s mission, and now the facility will better support the care model. As a community hospital, St. John’s Medical Center cares about reinvesting back into the community.Ultimately, building a new facility without overly burdensome debt structure will ensure that SJMC can continue to reinvest in our community.


To express gratitude, she gifts her canvases; one surgical team at St. John’s was the beneficiary of a small bear sketch. Her room at the Living Center greets guests with art; her paintings and portraits of herself ever exuding elegance.

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Key Benefits and Features


Community Spaces

The best practice model for senior living and care is a facility designed based on a household model. This means living spaces — private bedrooms and bathrooms for residents — and social places for visiting with family and friends and hosting group activities.


Memory Care

Individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia have specific safety and programming needs that require dedicated care and spaces designed for their comfort and safety. The household model facilitates an environment that improves their overall well-being.


End of Life Care

The Living Center helps residents and families gracefully transition at the end of life. For those in semi-private rooms, hospice care is a challenge and privacy is an issue. The addition of private rooms will give families the space they need in these critical moments.


Private Rooms/Baths

Private residential spaces with individual bathing facilities offer privacy and dignity. Private rooms also provide clinical benefits with evidence of fewer infections, better sleep, and less disruption of residents.


Dedicated Short-Term Stay (Rehabilitation)

Many community members need short-term rehabilitation before returning home. The New Living Center’s conguration will provide a rehab-specic area that can focus specifically on this specialized short-term care.


Future Growth

The new facility will provide space to add up to 24 additional rooms—a 40% increase in rooms—as community demand grows and changes.

Living Center Building Layout

Budget Information

The total project is estimated to cost $35 million, with the hospital covering $9 million from its capital probation budget. St. John’s Hospital Foundation has committed to raising an additional $9 million to cover half of the remaining costs. This is where you come in.