Rocking Sage Living

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Monday, July 01 at 8:00 am - Sunday, September 15 at 5:00 pm

Rocking Sage Living

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of St. John’s Hospital Foundation and we are excited to launch a community art initiative in support of Sage Living at St. John’s Medical Center. Sage Living is the new long-term care community for local seniors who need skilled nursing care, memory care, transitional rehabilitation, and hospice services. This facility will be located on the St. John’s campus, abutting the Elk Refuge. Local businesses are sponsoring hand-painted Adirondack rocking chairs and will display them this summer (July-September, 2019). Beginning in July, chairs will be available for auction on our online bidding site!  The Rocking Sage Living Community Celebration, a roaring 20’s themed cocktail party at the Pink Garter Theater on Thursday, September 19th will be the final opportunity to bid! To learn more about the Rocking Sage Living Community Celebration, click here.

Special thanks to the participating artists!

Steph Brennan, Jason Borbay, Deb Fox, Katy Ann Fox, Nicole Gaitan, Walt Gerald, Shannon Marie Schacht, Sarah Webber, Boughton Walden, Danny Shervin, Natalie Connell, Abby PaffrathHaley Badenhop, Alex Keenan and Huntley Dornan, Bronwyn Miton, Tamara King,  Tess Wood, Sue Cedarholm, Nicolette Maw, Will Munford, Sue Sommers, Carrie Wild, Emily Boespfulg 

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Monday, July 01 at 8:00 am


Sunday, September 15 at 5:00 pm


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