St. John’s Hospital Foundation Board

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of members of our community. The Foundation Board, together with the hospital’s governing board members and administration, determines the investment strategies appropriate to St. John’s Medical Center needs for each fiscal year. With philanthropic assets managed by the Foundation rather than St. John’s Medical Center, we have a wide range of investment opportunities.

St. John’s Hospital Foundation Board 2011/2012:

  • James E. Eden, Chair
  • Charles Fleischman, Vice President
  • Lee Gardner, Secretary
  • Amanda S. Bryan, Assistant Secretary
  • Addie Donnan, Founding Chair
  • Stacey Ceasar, Auxiliary President
  • Zach Hall, PhD
  • Ross Hartley, Past Chair
  • Sam Harrell
  • Bruce Hayse, MD, BOT
  • Emmy Knobloch, MD
  • Bret Kroger
  • James E. Lewis
  • Elizabeth Masek
  • John Payne, DO, Chief of Staff
  • Ruth Ann Petroff
  • Mary Scott
  • Karen Stewart
  • Mike Tennican, PhD, BOT

    Not Pictured:

  • Phillip Coosaia, Vice-Chair
  • Jonathan Scott, Treasurer
  • Kenneth Taylor
  • Marcia Taylor
  • Honorary Board Member:

  • Liz McCabe
  • Emeritus:

  • Shirley Cheramy
  • Ed Liebzeit
  • Gloria A. Newton
  • David E. Stokes, Founding Treasurer
  • Staff:

  • Lou Hochheiser, MD, St. John’s Medical Center CEO
  • Liz Finegan, President, Foundation